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Mexican Mushroom Tours 2010
(... Our 10th Anniversary!)

For Fungi Aficionados with a Sense of Adventure

In mid-July this year, at the peak of fungi fruiting in the forested highlands of central Mexico, we went with a small foray group on an unforgettable, week-long mushrooming event in the Sierra Norte mountains of the state of Puebla.

Apulco cabana wet morning            Damp jungle foray            Yohualichan pyramid

Starting in the colorful, historic city of Puebla, we travelled north to the misty and mystic town of Cuetzalan - the center of regional mushroom activity. We forayed in various locations and habitats in the area, including San Miguel T., Apulco, and Hueyapan. Indigenous traditions and lifestyle abounded in those places, and we also visited their remarkable churches and marvellous, unusual archeological sites, including Yohualichan and Cantona.

Damper jungle foray            Some damp mushrooms found            Indigenous dance at Dos Rios

At the end of the week, we circled back to our home base in the state of Tlaxcala and had a final dinner together at our Mayan-inspired house, before a morning bus ride direct to Mexico City airport for everybody's trips home.

Our technical leader for ths 10th anniversary foray was Dr. Arturo Estrada Torres, one of the top mycologists in Mexico, who has been heading Mexican Mushroom Tours since 2000.

Happy dancing mushrooms            The Mushiachis entertain            Our dashing fearless leader

For our Tenth Year, we had a
MexMushCelebration like never before
and we'd love to have you with us in the future for more
fun, fungi and adventure.

Since 2000, we have welcomed more than 150
mycology enthusiasts, from renowned experts
to curious beginners, to our unique mushroom
hunting/travel excursions in some fascinating
regions of Mexico. Many participants have returned
as often as 3, 4 or even 5 times for tours in
different locations with us. Now you, too, can
join us for our well-planned, all-inclusive,
small-group adventures in fungi-rich areas that
also offer much to the culturally interested traveler.

Oaxaca Tour In August 2009, we brought an enthusiastic small group on a fantastic mushroom foray in Oaxaca, one of Mexico's most colorful, exciting, culturally and historically rich states.

Oaxaca ("wa HA ka") offers exceptional cuisine, art, craftsmanship, archaeology and scenery, along with hills and forests abundant in a large variety of fungi, including the fabled matsutake.

Our Sunday to Sunday (August 9 - 16), all-inclusive mushrooming adventure began in an elegant boutique hotel near the lively main square in downtown Oaxaca city. From there, we travelled in our two comfortable vans to various rustic locations, where local indigenous guides led us to prime collecting sites. Our technical leader was Dr. Arturo Estrada, one of Mexico's top mycologists, who has led many of our forays before. Bilingual and very knowledgeable, Arturo is always good fun. We also had plenty of opportunities to savour the edibles we found - including a small mountain of matsutakes - ending with a culinary highlight dinner at the Oaxaca cooking school of renowned chef Susana Trilling.

Our itinerary included the pre-hispanic jewel of Mitla, the famed carpet weaving town of Teotitlan del Valle and the stunning mountain villages of Cuajimoloyas and Lachtao in whose forests most of our total of almost 200 specimens were found.

At the end, an unwinding day of exploring the awesome remnants of the Zapotec site Monte Alban and the unique pottery town of Atzompa. Finally, a visit to the village of Arrazola, where the art of fantastical, intricately painted wood-carvings include colourful animals AND mushrooms.

Several participants said that it was their BEST mushroom foray ever. We keep trying to do better!

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