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The last few years have seen us in spectacular locations and have been spectacularly successful. In 2018, we visited, for the first time, what we called "The Ecstatic State of Mexico," focusing on the lush mountain forests and Magic Towns of the northern part of the Estado de México.

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After all our efforts, and despite more rain that we could possibly have wanted - our group of 21 intrepid forayers, eight of them new to our group, came up with a total of 327 different species. Not quite a record, but close.

This was a great follow-up on our recent reprise tours. In 2017, we made our third trek to "WOW Oaxaca," with its fungi-filled forests on scenic mountainsides overlooking awesome - literally - vistas below us.

Prior Mexican Mushroom Tours

We visited the most spectacular market in all of Mexico, lunched in a town displaying wall-to-wall carpets and other colorful weavings and checked out the world's largest Ceiba tree. Dare we use the word again - awesome!

One of the highlights was a visit to the renowned Seasons of My Heart cooking school, where we learned how to cook mushrooms the local way, producing a fabulous multi-course dinner from the mushrooms we had picked in recent days.

Tlaxcala Mushroom Tour 2015

October 2016 found us heading off to the warm welcome of Veracruz. Foray locations ranged from 8,000 feet on the forest-covered mountain Cofre de Perote to 0 feet looking for elusive mushrooms on the white sand beaches of the state. At a nice beachside resort, we also helped to liberate hundreds of tiny turtles heading out to sea. We forayed near giant waterfalls on the grounds of an old orange growing hacienda and in an eco-park where fragrant vanilla is grown. This time, we managed to amass about 250 species.

A particular highlight came at the end of the tour when we thumped Trump. One of participants had found a Trump piñata and we hung it up in the main square. Instantly, about 10 little kids surrounded us asking to whack away!

Tlaxcala Mushroom Tour 2015

In 2015 we came back home to where we started in 2000 - Tlaxcala. This region in the Altiplano highlands, surrounded by forested volcanoes (all but one extinct) is our home turf and may well have been one of our best mushroom adventures ever. We were led by our founding mycologists, Arturo Estrada, Adriana Montoya and Alejandro Kong, who have also been with us on many foray adventures over the years.

But one short window we caught - not by accident but it sure surprised our participants - was the migration of countless luciernagas through the night woods in the northern part of the state. Fireflies, by the thousands, flashing in the dark forest like galaxies of stars.

Tlaxcala Mushroom Tour 2015

It was a very special week, with more than 300 species of mushrooms collected.

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