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Here is what participants of prior Copper Canyon Mushroom Expeditions
saw and had to say about their mycology adventures in this exciting region:

Tarahumara making belt   Mushgroup at Oso 1   Lobsterfest   Jack is about to go over the edge   View of Ulrique Canyon

"We had a wonderful time, enjoyed the scenery and people and, best of all, made new friends. We feel like we have been on a trip traveling with good friends although we just met over breakfast at the Campanario Hotel at the start of the week. Lucky us!"
(Diantha and Jack States, Lander, WY)

"Some absolutely gorgeous spots on this tour. I loved that place with the waterfall. And I liked all the remote resorts we were at. All were very charming & peaceful. The scenery around the remote hotel with no electricity was exquisite."
(Margie Guyot, Farmington Hills, Michigan)

Sewing Baskets   Kevin shooting baskets   Mushroom tasting at Noritari   Maria del Sol - Mark   Relaxing at Noritiari

"We found the trip wonderful. I rate it with your other trips that we have attended, i.e., exceptional. When we toured the area in 2000, I thought to myself that it would be a great place to hunt mushrooms, and I was not disappointed. Working and comparing notes with our Mexican colleagues was particularly gratifying and I was really amazed to find eastern and Gulf Coast mushrooms in the region."
(David Lewis, Newton, Texas)

Dinner at Noritari   Lunch at Arareko   Raramuri girl - Sharon   Arareko Finds   Valley of Monks - Kevin

"I had a good time on your trip. I really enjoyed the first and the last places that we stayed in the Copper Canyon and would have enjoyed spending more time at both of them. I also liked the mycologists' talks and the ID process."
(Mark Thomsen, San Francisco)

"Congratulations on pulling it off with carino! Thank you so much for a truly terrific time, and an expert hassle free itinerary, which was painstaking detailed."
(Nance Frank. Key West, Florida)

"We just wanted to thank you once again for an outstanding adventure. Once again it was a nice group, good professionals, and we learned a lot."
(Peter and Joan Banks, Bright's Grove, Ontario, Canada)

Valley of the Mushrooms   Mycos in the Valley of the Hongos - Mary   Erik rocks - Margie   Adriana gives her talk   Joaquin give his talk

"Kudos for the cabins at the Noritari Lodge. For me, those two days spent there were the high point of the tour. The meals were extraordinary…the wine that flowed each and every evening was certainly appreciated! The forays around the lodge were productive and the scenery gorgeous. The foray around Lake Arareko and the picnic out there was super: I really enjoyed that day. The hike to the Falls at Cusarare and the lunch at the Sierra Lodge was also wonderful as was the dinner that night at the Montebello restaurant. The highlight of the tour was indeed the train ride on the Chihuahua Pacific railroad. Spectacular and very comfortable even if a little tardy! Then on to el Paraiso del Oso, another extraordinary lodge beneath that spectacular rock formation. I thought I lived in paradise here in Amecameca, but I may have to revise my opinion now."
(Patricia Perrin Sullivan. Amecameca, Mexico)

Cusarare falls - Kevin   Cusarare IDs at Margaritas   More Raramuri kids   The bus, the bus   Guzman throws a party

"Noritari is a place to put more emphasis both for mushrooms and for scenery. It was, at least to me, that incredible. The train and Bahuichivo were truly incredible as well. How can you convey that you have been led deep into the beating heart of this country by people who exude passion for it like sweet, pink sweat? Who are 'authorities' at a level to which we rarely have access at home - on the lecture circuit, and especially, in the field? Who make their expertise available to even the rank beginner who had no idea that there was anything other than white button mushrooms, whole or sliced, in plastic boxes at the super? And who are the most incredibly affable, joke slinging, hard working, fun loving, starch-is-a-carbohydrate-and-has-no-place-in-either-shirts-or-the-human-personality - dare I say party animals - I have ever had the pleasure to meet?"
(Sharon Peters, Dallas, Texas)

More IDs at Margaritas   Divisadero   Osos paradise   Oso - Sharon   Gang keen for train at Bahuichivo

A chronicle of the Copper Canyon Mushroom Expedition 2004 :: Memories of Earlier Tours

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