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...for Fungi Aficionados with a Sense of Adventure

Since 2000, we have welcomed hundreds of mycology enthusiasts - from renowned experts to curious beginners - to our unique mushroom hunting / travel excursions in some of the most fascinating regions of Mexico. Many participants have returned as often as 3, 4 or even 6 times (some have been on more than 10 tours!) to explore different locations with us. We invite you to join us for our well-planned, all-inclusive, small-group adventures in fungi-rich areas that also offer much to the culturally interested traveler.

Haciendas, Hongos and Hidalgo:
August 20 - 28, 2022

The last time we went to Hidalgo was 14 years ago, so even the places we visited before will be new again. But we will also be adding some new areas we've learned about recently. On the menu will be haciendas, unusual waterfalls, interesting rock formations, magic towns, an archeological site or two, beautiful forests and lakes, national parks with scenic splendour (and many hongos) and some unusual lodgings. Come and join us on this magical mushroom adventure and see old friends and new.

Los Prismas Basálticos

This new adventure is a decided change from Chiapas 2019.

Colourful fungus found in Chiapas

The adventure, billed as "The Road to Ruins," covered a lot of territory - Chiapas is a huge state. There was a ton of visual appeal, from quaint villages - some of them Pueblos Magicos - to gorgeous artisania, stunning waterfalls, birds and, of course, mushrooms in fascinating locations, some of them in the archeological sites visited. We also trekked into the heady heights of a cloud forest, visited some of the most beautiful lakes in the country and searched through jungles filled with tiny, tropical fungi - and much, much more.

Palenque was magnificent

We hope that you consider joining us on the next special excursion with abundant mushrooming, comfortable but unique lodgings and great companionship. You can also get more information and meet past participants on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

We stayed at gorgeous hotels

This Mexican Mushroom Tour for 2022 will include all of your transport, accommodations and meals (dinners with wine), plus admissions, even tips, etc., after your to/from our gathering and departure points. Your tour cost will be approximately US$2,650 p/p double; $2,850 single (still to be determined).

Most days will include professional mycology Identification Sessions, with discussions and study, with tastings of edibles and other activities, like a glass of wine or two.

Please ask for the Preliminary ITINERARY

Our technical "liders" are once again our two very experienced mycologists, Dr. Adriana Montoya and Alejandro Kong, both superbly knowledgeable, eloquent and friendly, especially to mushroom-lovers and aspirants. And also please welcome Carlos Briones, Graduate student in ethnomycology at the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo.

Do let us know if this mushrooming/travel adventure might fit into your plans for Summer 2022.

Sincerely Inviting You aboard,

Erik and Gundi

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